Monday, June 24, 2013

LeTort Spring Run

This past weekend Curli and I paid a visit to a few of central Pennsylvania's cold and gin clear streams the first of which being the Letort. 

After taking the time to observe the tributes to a few local legends we hit the stream where we found multiple rising fish.  After putting the first few down regardless of our stealth ninja like approach adjustments were made and we were able to fool a few feeding trout with some Minion tied terrestrials. 

I introduce my fist fish caught on the LeTort on my Sweet Grass cane rod with a fly i tied.

I look forward to hitting the LeTort Spring Run again soon.  On a more detailed note Curli and I are now offering guided trips to the LeTort however booking ahead of time is a must. 3 month lead time is required.


stew said...

I am in

Curly said...

In other words, the Letort got bamboozled son. Also, beer and breakfast must be supplied by the sports on all guided trips.

Coach said...

Icehouse and Cream of Wheat it is!