Sunday, February 1, 2009

PeeYay Fly Tyer Wins Prestigious Contest

Courtesy of the Times Leader online edition:
Richard Grencavich, won a one week escape out west on the highly regarded Big Horn River for his first-place finish in an international contest run by Fly Tyer magazine. The requisite flys called for as entry into the contest resulted in a draw. The back-up tie breaker flies c=became the deciding factor in the contest. Richard's intriguing Crayfish Pattern, pictured below, brought home the win for the Conygham, PA native. He had developed this realistic looking pattern to fool the wily smallmouths of the Susquehanna River.

Below photo is the intrepid tyer at his tying station.

The proud fly tyer displays his fine trophy.

Mr. Grencavich, enjoy your time in Montana, a well deserved break from the ol' gas station!


stew said...

PA laying the beatdown.

Paul Tillman said...

Great looking crayfish pattern. Where can I buy a half dozen?