Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Bacon!

Now, if we could only find one for beer...

Behold! The Bacon Fairy.

Incontravertible photograpic evidence that Bacon Fairies are amoung us and want us to enjoy savory delicious bacon.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Funny Videos fo' No Apparent Reason...

Apparently New Zealanders do their trout fishing extreme as well...

Heard this one last year, and now it's a video, go figure?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sweet Set-up for the Taaho!

Thinking about gettin' the Taaho rigged up like this for cleanin' up after Johno at the '09 Bird Hunt.

What do ya think?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Camo Guidewater Shirt / Shell

New Patagonia Guidewater Shirt

Said to be a combination between a shell and shirt. Water repellent nylon blend fabric and 30 UPF sun protection.

Love the style, love the mojo of the camo coloration, but at $120 msrp, not sure I'll be sportin' one anytime soon.

Friday, January 16, 2009

This Is Fly #14 is at the newstand

Check out the article about the mutant tiger trout and the punk school mix tape.


Just ordered what will hopefully be a SWEEET t-shirt from Bugslinger Fly Gear.

The proprietors of Bugslinger promote themselves as an "art driven clothing line born somewhere between the Florida Keys and the Driftless area of southwest Wisconsin. While the rest of the fly fishing industry is continuing to develop tired designs for fly fishing apparel, we set out to create a hip brand built around artistic designs to reflect a fresher insight into our sport. Our clothing is an outward expression of the way we view fly fishing."

I am hopeful of a satisfying outcome and will keep you apprised of the result.


Friday Bacon Contest!

New on Minion Flyfishing: Best caption contest!

Submit, (through comments to this post), the best caption incorporating both bacon and flyfishing and win a crappy, I mean really good, prize.
Judging is to be determined solely by Coach, (bribes gladly accepted.)
I'm waiting...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Opening Day!

Opening Day on the WB is only 60 days away.

That means you have about 2 months to prepare you flies for the onslaught.
Ahhh, Opening Day, the time for casting side by side, even elbow to elbow, along natures most beautiful of thoroughfares, troutstreams. There is nothing like the close comaraderie of standing so close to a perfect stranger that you can identify the brand of whiskey he consumed the previous evening and whether he had bacon or sausage with breakfast. It's easy to identify the mosst popular pools, they're the ones where the bottom is decorated by flourescent power bait.
I can hardly wait!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Spring Trout Game!

The Smokey Mountain Toy Company announces this latest creation for simulation of the fishing experience. Although pictured with a spin / cast outfit, it would be reasonable to assume that the velcro "lure" would be equally effective cast via fly rod.

Operation: the velcro lure is cast into the spring pond area, should the lure "catch" a fish, a mechanism is tripped causing the caught fish to jump into the air, thereby simulating the fight of the fish. The fish is then reeled in as is customary, and released back to the pond.

Review: It looks like fun, with some of the surprise factor of the Jack-in-the-Box so popular amoung the youngest anglers. I imagine that with limited creativity and modification, this device could be adapted to use with fly rods and offer a tool for use in instructing youth in the art of flycasting.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Limp Friday Bacon :-(

Here's some limp microwaved Friday Bacon for ya'...

This week's bacon is limp to represent the Minion's recent efforts to bump the blog.
It isn't as though there is a whole lot of fishing going on right now, is it? It must be that you've all been incredibly busy tying flies, but I haven't seen any photo posts with the lovely creations you've meticulously manufactured.
Turn off the T.V., stop picking the lint out of your umbilical orifices and get with it already.
What gives Minions?

Friday, January 2, 2009

First Friday Bacon of 2009!

Random bacon flavored snacks.

This Fridays bacon theme is: Bacon flavored, (of course), snack foods.

First up are bacon egg and cheese Combos. These are my favorite ingredients, (plus ketchup & salt / pepper), on an everything bagel, (from Blooming Bagels of course), but I'm ambivalent on their appeal as a dy savory snack. You be the judge.
Next up are Old Dutch crispy bacon favored potatoe chips. Long experience has taught me that Pennsylvania's Dutch do indeed know a thing or three about production of some most tasty potatoe chips. And besides, if they can pull off Old Bay flavored crab chips, why not bacon. The simple and straightforward combination of potatoe and bacon is afterall a well proven concept via the ever popular bacon bits on a baked potatoe combination. I wholeheartedly recommend this product.
Don't be shy, go ahead and wash down the whole mess with a big skillet full of fried bacon flavored SPAM. SPAM, the other, other, other, other white meat...

The feesh, they never see us coming...

This new ball cap features the MultiCam pattern, the "most effective camouflage pattern on the planet!"

Features include:
Adjustable velcro strap
One size fits all
Authentic Crye Precision MultiCam
The feesh, they no see you coming or going.

Currently in use with eleite professionals serving in support of the G.W.O.T.
Original & authentic Crye Precision Multicam pattern and fabric - Nyco Ripstop provides the highest level of strength, durability, abrasion resistance and colorfastness
Rating: It would look incredible, wicked awesome embroidered with the Minion Flyfishing logo!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Fly Tying Suggestions

In preparation for the upcoming Minion Trout Assault weekend, I suggest the following selections:

Insect: Fly: Hook Size: Hatch Dates:

Ephemerella invaria Sulphur 14 - 16 Apr. 20 – Jun. 10
Ephemerella rotunda Sulphur 14 – 16 May 1 – Jun. 10
Cheumatopsyche campyla Olive Caddis 20 – 22 May 15 – Jun. 15
Stenonema vicarium March Brown 10 – 12 May 15 – Jun. 5
Hydropsyche Tan Caddis 14 – 16 May 15 – Aug. 25
Stenonema fuscum Grey Fox 12 – 14 May 25 – Jun. 20
Ephemerella dorothea Sulphur 16 – 18 May 25 – Jul. 15
Drunella lata Blue Winged Olive 14 May 25 – Jun. 15
Ephemera guttalata Green Drake 8 – 10 Jun. 1 – Jun. 15
Epeorus vitreus Sulphur 12 – 14 Jun. 1 – Aug. 10
Isonychia bicolor Slate Drake 10 – 12 Jun. 1 – Aug. 31
Ephemera simulans Brown Drake 8 – 10 Jun. 5 – Jun. 15

Now, get to work!

Catch Magazine Online January 2009 Issue

A new batch of fly fishing related eye candy can be viewed in all its splendor in the January 2009 Issue of Catch Magazine.

Prepare to drool....

Happy New Year!

It's a lovely sunny New Year's Day here in NY's Southern Tier.

Just a little chilly though 15 deg. with a 10 below wind chill.

A tad too cold for the first fishing excustion of 2009.

Have any of the Minions been out to wet a line in the New Year?

Speaking of the New Year, this is your opportunity to publicly state your resolutions for 2009:

I resolve to; wash the stank out of my waders, practice my high water streamer fishing, reorganize my fly tying materials, post no more expoitative photos on the blog, lose 20 lbs., and the big one, stop using smokeless tobacco.