Saturday, April 27, 2013

Where wise men fish.

You cougar hunters will enjoy this one.

WhereWiseMenFish in Belize - Turneffe Flats from Justin Maxwell Stuart on Vimeo.
I find it disturbing, but maybe Johno will like it?

Loud Canine Action

today, a nice 21" brown courtesy of Mr. Sylvester.

 Missed you today Doc.!

Shaping a Rod Grip is...

obviously much like shaping a surfboard.

Very interesting!  I think I could do that?

Thursday, April 25, 2013


we weren't the only ones to hit it.

Grannom from Noman Stepsinthesame Rivertwice on Vimeo.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Curly lands a beaut on the Smaller Letter After I

The Minions traveled halfway across the great state of Pennsylvania today.
Curly, Stew and Bear all got to cross this stream off their conquered lists.
The most successful pattern of the day was the Caddis That Shall Not Be Named.

p.s. for the Major, we drove right by Penns Cave, Lincoln Caverns and the Pennsylvania Military Museum today, without stopping.  You should have been there!

 Lincoln Caverns
 PA Military Museum in Boalsburg
Penns Cave, See it by boat!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Minion in his...

natural state

Friday, April 19, 2013


Fishing creek is not a bad place to be
My Tuesday evening efforts.

Fly Fisherman Magazine's Guide of the Year...

Hank Patterson.

Richly deserved and humbly accepted.

Friday Bacon!

Okay, think of the two things you like best.  (Besides bacon)
Okay, now think of how to make both of them laser awesome better.

Behold, they are now better!

Proof!  Bacon makes everything better!

Monday, April 15, 2013

New Invention!

The Rod Tip Stay!
Wooden stay with 3/4" holes drilled through it, two screw eyes and a piece of coat hanger.
Hang it over the rear view mirror and, tadah!, no more rod tips poking you in the head while voyaging.

Stew, do you think you could whip up a prototype for testing in Bear's Suburban?
With Minion field testing approval this could be a real moneymaker!


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Abel Hemostats

A brand new precision machined tool.  Behold the new Abel Hemostats:
Weight: 1.2 ounces / Length: 5.600" / Price:$125-$200
Available now, only, at TCO Fly Shop!  Your are welcome for the free advertising Tony.  Johno and I are holding out for the "Steal Your Face" model.

This is the tool you utilize most during your fishing adventures; hook removal, knot tying assistant, impromtu bottle opener and etc.  A patent pending locking mechanism makes for the highest tech.  Replaceable jaws and a lifetime warranty.  Why not have the best?

Patagonia's Aluminum Bar Boots

Yesterday, at the Hell Or High Water Festival at the West Branch Resort near Hancock, NY,  I had the opportunity to take a pair of Patagonia's size 12 Aluminum Bar Boots out for a test drive.  They flat out stuck to rocks, slimey or clean.  The galled aluminum was noticeable on some of the rocks I trod upon.  Could be because I weigh North of 250 lbs., who knows.  The pair I tested were well broken in by the time I got to them.  After examining the worn bars on my test fleet pair, I can tell you with authority that the grip does not come from the sharp edges of the bars.
The pair I trialed were much more worn than the boot pictured above.  Below is what the boots look like from the topside.

Only three pieces of constructive feedback for Patagonia on these boots:
1. Even slightly muddy banks / side hills make for very iffy footing with the horizontally mounted bars offering very little traction.  The boots I trialed had a few traction studs screwed into the instep area, but they were still slippery.  Perhaps a vertically mounted bar or a rubber bottom with some traction would help?
2. Maybe it was an issue with my feed, but these boots felt a little narrow.  They seemed to stretch out a bit after walking for about a half an hour.  No blisters or anything severe, just a very snug fit width-wise.
3. The boots are made in Thailand.  I know that's where most of our sneakers are made and they have factories specialized in shoe manufacturing. I'm willing and have paid more for products made in the U.S.A.  It would be nice to have that option.

Overall these boots exceeded my expectations for river bottom gripping ability.  I'd like to give them a real test drive on Penns Creek in early June.  I've not yet found more treacherous wading.  I'm glad to have Patagonia products available at The West Branch Angler Fly Shop now, and hope to purchase a pair of the improved Gen. 2 boots there.

Friday, April 12, 2013

NEW - "This Is Fly"


Only 4 days remaining!  Click the link below.

Uncage the Soul Project

A very innovative concept for financing a documentary film.

You go Frank!

The latest from World Renowned Fly Fishing Film Maker Hank Patterson

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Day ahead Bacon...

cause I'm sleepin' in. Somethin' to help you see the fly tyingness a teeny bit betah.

PA Hotspotters...

damn them!

Baetis Train from PA Undercurrent Outfitters on Vimeo.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Moscow Mule

So we're driving home from dinner at Troeg's Brewery on Saturday evening and Curly says, "Would you guys like to stop for a Moscow Mule?"  Bear and I look at each other, and neither of us knowing what a Moscow Mule is, of course say, "Sure, we'd love one."  "Where is this fine establishment?" I ask.  "Right in the neighborhood, at the Paxtang Grill." Curly replies.  So we're off!
We arrive, Curly advances into the bar proper, a scene reminiscent of the oft repeated opening of "Cheers" ensues.  But instead of a rousing chorus of, "Norm!", we're instead greeted to welcoming cheers of, "Curly!"  Curly did admit that he'd been in the Grill a few times before, but just for dinner.

Upon ordering the already mentioned beverages, the barmaid turns deadly serious.  "I need your ID's!"  Thinking this is about legal drinking age or some such policy I gleefully comply as I seldom get carded anymore.  Unfortunately Bear has been working one of Stew's old tricks all day, "I left my wallet at the house."  "But come on, look at me, I'm really 28."  But the barmaid isn't interested in deducing our legal status, she wants to hold our government issued's as collateral against the fancy copper cups that the Mules are served in.

After pleading promises and issuance of threats, drinks were distributed.  The barmaid even came around the bar to check on us, and threaten Bear again.  She mentioned that she would stick her foot up Bear's hiney if he even attempted to make off with said cup.  I pointed out that she was obviously serious since she was wearing a thigh high leg splint with boot.  "Holy cow!" said Curly, "She broke it off in the last guy!"

I found the Moscow Mule to be very cold and refreshing.  Just what I needed after a bumpy voyage in the backseat of Curly's ride. Here's a recipe:
Very few fish were gently admired and released in the prelude to this grand mixological experience.

Hell or High Water

This Saturday, Saturday, SATURDAY!
Anglers in the know will gather at the West Branch Resort near scenic Hancock, NY this weekend for a full slate of early season entertainment, education and activities.

Highlights to include Festivus-like feats of agility, distance, endurance, power and strength:
Sadly there I could find no mention of the airing of grievances.

These highly competitive events will no doubt bring welcome relief to the winter constrained - testosterone gifted among us. AahaaAh!

This year's festival will of course include the usual displays, seminars, outdoor art and seminars.  Pay attention, you'll learn something!

A new edition are the closing ceremonies to be held in the, onsite, Trout Skellar Pub, with musical accompaniment by Joe Marinzel from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm.

Those arriving for the "Full-Meal-Deal" will stay after 7:00 pm for the Fly Fishing Film Tour which should include a movie that features some of our local Guide Celebrities.

Despite great interest and recent rumors, the controversial seminar: "Custom Blending Power Bait for Fun and Profit" will not be offered.

As per usual, accommodations at Chateau Lewis will be provided for the Minion associated.

I could not make a movie like this.

Besides not having the required skills, I would not be able to resist the urge to cast to those risers. It would just be too much to be there and not cast.
Enjoy "The Rise"

The Rise from Vak Magasin on Vimeo.

Rise & Shine

Oregon style head hunting. Very nicely done!

Rise and Shine from Outside Bend Productions on Vimeo.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Nice Blade!