Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Bacon!

I may be suffering from...
Photo above submitted by an amused Minion Associate.
but MINIONS, why don't we drink pig milk?

Pork is such a natural and essential part of life. It gives us ham and bacon, spam and hot dogs, pork chops and lard. But whereas cows give us so many delicious meat products, they also provide us with dairy. Pigs are mammals too aren't they? They lactate, don't they? Why don't we harvest it?

Does bacon milk taste bad? It is toxic? Is it simply unattractive, perhaps an opalescent brown-green that blinds all to its delicious flavor?

Is it hard to milk a porker? Curli, please chime in here whenever you think it is appropriate. Do they produce enough milk to make it worthwhile? Is it too viscous or thin to be of any industrial or domestic use?

Can you make cheese from bacon milk? Or yogurt? Or butter? Can you cook with it? Make pasta sauce, or use the cream in fancy coffee drinks?

As you can see, I have lot of questions about pork's dairy potential. It's a topic I don't know anything about. But I want to, because I'm sure that there's a good reason for the way things are, and I'm quite curious.

To help you appreciate the good side of this potential idea, I offer the following images of bacon's awesomeness.
Alovely piece of bacon worship body artistry.

A soul warming shawl.
And finally, a beatiful tiara crowning our princess.
Happy Friday!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pickup choices...

Darn, and I thought the Tacoma was a good idea.

Game Cam...

The local area beasties are fattening up in preparation for this fall's various and assorted festivities.
Ummm, velvet, looks delicious!

Tender, delicious backstraps, oh my.The little guy above has some serious feasting to do in the next few months.
All photos courtesy of Ricky's food plot, location to remain a VERY closely guarded secret.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I no longer have an excuse for not being able to fish. The bathroom is finished.

Old Bathroom

New Bathroom

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Maybe a little cultural expansionism?

For your "long hair" musical edification:

Matt Batschelet
West Branch Resort
West Branch International Music Festival
FAX 607-467-5525 VOICE 607-467-2215 matt@westbranchresort.com

The West Branch Angler Resort & Internationally Acclaimed Violinist Odin Rathnam to Launch International Music Festival.

Hancock, New York, September 13th & September 20th 2009:
On two consecutive Sunday afternoons, the luxurious and intimate setting of the West Branch Resort will become home to the first annual “West Branch International Music Festival,” featuring renowned classical artists from the United States, Israel, South America, and Europe. The inaugural season’s theme will pay homage to Mendelssohn, in his bicentennial year. Each program will focus on various aspects of Mendelssohn’s prolific and prodigious contribution to the classical literature. There will also be a few surprises. Rathnam will be joined by members of the Sweet Plantain Quartet, Pianist Michael Sheppard, Violist Adriana Linares, emerging Israeli violinist Netanel Draiblate, and others.

Sunday September 13th
Mendelssohn Piano Trio Mendelssohn String Quintet Intermission Mendelssohn Octet in E flat Major

Sunday September 20th
Mendelssohn Sonata for Violin & Piano Prokofiev Sonata for Two Violins Intermission Latin Jazz Fusion Music featuring the “Sweet Plantain String Quartet”

“Combining my passion for fly-fishing with the opportunity to draw artistic inspiration from these incredible surroundings made the establishment of a music festival inevitable. It is my hope, as the festival grows, that its impact on the lives of those who attend will be as profound as the awe I felt when I first experienced the beauty of this area in 1998.” ~ Odin Rathnam- concertmaster of the Harrisburg Symphony

“Over the past few years, Odin and I have frequently discussed launching a truly unique & intimate music festival. It is my sincere hope that the people of our communities will be able to find the same inspiration from these absolutely uplifting and memorable concerts as our guests and I have found every time Odin shared his art with us. Our goal is to provide world-class music, up close and personal, in a setting unlike any other in the nation. Especially these days, presenting art that represents the best in mankind provides valuable perspective and encouragement to all of us. This is much more than just good business.” ~Matt Batschelet- General Manager West Branch Angler Resort

The West Branch International Music Festival will be hosted by the West Branch Angler Resort, all concerts taking place at the River Run Restaurant. Offering a truly unique and intimate setting, the room boasts amazing acoustics, with its log cathedral ceilings. Guest will also enjoy the ambience of a 50 ton working fire place, which will be lit for the entire evening. Pairing this concert with an evening of amazing food and wine tasting will make it an event to remember. On both dates the concerts will begin at 4:00 P.M. Each concert will last approximately 2 hours. Following each show there will be a large assortment of hand crafted delicacies from our Executive Chef John Cox as well as a wine tasting, featuring some of the best wines from the Finger Lakes region. All of this is included in the ticket price of $40.00 per person. A cash bar will also be available afterwards. We strongly urge all attendees to stay after the concert and mingle with Odin Rathnam & his colleagues. Seating is limited to 130 attendees making it a truly intimate and unique evening. Reservations are required. Business Casual attire is requested.

West Branch Angler Resort:Is a family owned and operated resort sitting in the pristine Catskill Mountains adjacent to the world famous fly fishing mecca “The Delaware River.” The Resort has over two miles of River frontage, sporting 26 brand new log homes varying in size and amenities. The West Branch Resort also hosts a wide variety of outdoor activities including hiking, canoing, bird watching, sporting clays, fly fishing, upland bird hunting and much more. Now, through its collaboration with acclaimed violinist Odin Rathnam and the West Branch International Music Festival, the resort adds outstanding musical experiences to its already diverse array of offerings. This one-of-a-kind destination provides the perfect weekend getaway for relaxation, fun and entertainment.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

July Stimulus Update

Still doing our best to stimulate the housing sector of the ailing U.S. economy.

I'm told the siding, roofing and garage doors are in. Things keep progressing, but too slowly for my taste. Prediction; we can't move in until mid-October, earliest. At least the weather will be cool for you guys to carry stuff in from the moving truck...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

"Best" Single Source for Fishing Reports?

Courtesy of Orvis, Manchester, VT
Somehow they've been able to use their leverage to cajole all of their authorized retailers to post up to date and fairly detailed fishing reports for the better known watersheds.

Stew, don't worry, you're homewater is not amoung those listed.

Get the info. at:


Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday in Baconland

Everything is just grand here in Bacon Land.
The fishin' is fun filled in ol' Gravy Run.
Just had the driveway up to cabin repaved. I liked the color of suprasetta, so we went with that.

Here's incontrivertable proof that indeed, bacon is not just good, but laser awesome!

This is the fine new tying lamp I got down at the Lumberjack Festival. Really distracting though when the lightbulb heats things up a bit.

We'll have none of this, "artificial bacon", around here though.
Happy Friday!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Coming soon Troutouflage?

New to angling apparel and accoutrements, FISHOUFLAGE!

Can Troutouflage be far behind?

Monday, July 13, 2009

On sale August 7th,

Dry Fly Distilling's whiskey, if you have a well connected bud in the state of Washington.

They've already produced a fine gin and vodka based upon written reviews. The bottle in the middles goes on sale August 7th in VERY limited quantities. Below are the geniuses behing this craft distillery. A fine bit of marketing science these gentlemen have unearthed. What Minion wouldn't lust after a fine craft distilled whiskey from Washington with a dry fly on the bottle?

Can you say panache?

Fly Fishing in Fenway

Fishing in the same small waters near Roscoe as the venerable Theodore Gordon, Herman Christian, Roy Steenrod, Reuben Cross, George LaBranche, Lee Wulff, Edward Hewitt, Art Flick, Winnie and Walt Dette and Elsie and Harry Darbee brings one a certain level of introspection.
Honey, just give me a few minutes to fish while we're in town. Just one fish so I can cross this one off my list. Oh, and could you bring the camera? Perhaps a little boastful, or is it just well founded confidence. Ten casts into seriously fishy run and I'm drawing a blank. Am I worthy? This sure looks like a straightforward stretch. Maybe I just don't have the right nymph on? Ooh, one just took a swipe at my strike indicator! Maybe I should put on a dry fly. But what fly, and on top of that, nothing is rising. Should I keep going with the pheasant tail? Was that a hit or just the bottom. Nope, that was a hit. Yep, I'm worthy!
All those great anglers wouldn't have fished here if there were no fish. Nor would they have fished here had the fish been impossibly difficult to fool. Angling for the most difficult fish is a modern affectation. Back in the day they all fished where the catching was good. The catching here is good.Not huge, but fun. You could learn to fly fish here. There are enough willing fish to give just enough positive reinforcement to keep you pulling the slot machine handle. The Beaverkill's payoffs are not large enough to be life changing, or maybe they are?

Additions to the fishing lodge?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Aha, this is how Baconaise was invented...

it's what happens when bacon and mayonaise meet in the octagon for a no holds barred deathmatch. Clearly it was a draw and we all won!

Finally, a post on the Cape

Captain Jeff Smith of Finaddiction Charters holding one of 2 bluefish that fell for the sand eel fly. Now I know you all frown upon bluefish, but they are quite a bit of fun to fight on the flyrod. Also managed to fool one striper with the old eel.

As you can see from the Gorton's Fisherman raingear, it wasn't all that pleasant out on the 2nd. Between the rain and trying not to fall out of the boat, this is the only fishy picture Nori was able to manage. Within an hour of our arrival back in Wellfleet, a doosey of a thunderstorm rocked the area. Power out, thunder shaking the house, the whole nine yards. We had heard that an unfortunate fisherman had been struck by lightning and killed the previous day in the Orleans area. We wanted no part of that.

Jeff clearly had his sealegs on while I contrastingly most definitely did not. He seemed not to understand why I couldn't immediately scramble into the front of the boat to fire off a shot at the commotion of birds and fish on the surface while we coasted in. It was however a very enjoyable day. About 10 stripers landed on a combination of stickbaits and pencil poppers along with as many as 30 bluefish. Everyone got wet, but no one fell in or out of the boat. Thanks Jeff!

Oh, and sorry about losing so many of your lures to the bluefish and the prop. I'll try to hook you up with some flies this fall if you're up for some WB angling.

Maybe I'll get the opportunity to try to throw you over the side of the driftboat too.

Until then...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

WB Conditions

The WB is at a lovely floatable level with great hatches of sulphurs and with intermittent chaills and Isos

Minions, this may be the last chance for a good float till the fall...

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Numero VI @ Catch Magazine...

Catch Magazine #6 out July 1st.
More lovely photos of places I'm not at!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Cape Cod!

Here's a pic. of Dr. Dick with a sweet bass caught off the Cape on the 26th.
I'm lookin' forward to more of the same.
Post to follow!