Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's not any better on Nescopeck Creek.

Nescopeck Creek can be just as challenging as Fishing Creek, but Fishing Creek has slower background traffic...

"It's a wonderful world."

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Only one fish today...

Caught and released just upstream from the new house on a Hendrickson Comparadun with a sparkle shuck.
Decent fish in the 18" plus range.

Met several neighbors today as well, good folks.

Now, bring on the PA reports.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

FUDR "One Bug" Event, Dinner & Auction

FUDR’s One Bug Fundraising Dinner & Auction 04/24/09

Hancock’s Capital Theatre was dressed up in its outdoorsy best for the annual One Bug Event’s kickoff dinner and auction. Obviously, hours of preparation had gone into making the theatre feel like a fishing lodge. Log panels had been installed along each of the side walls to serve as a gallery for some of the artwork set to be auctioned. Large banners had been hung from the rafters all the way around the dining area. Of particular note was the flag hanging in the rear of the room, styled much like the American flag, the field of blue contained a jumping trout and the outline of a Catskill dry fly. The striped area was done in the traditional manner with an inscription near the bottom, “Give me water, or give me death.” Hanging just above head level were seemingly hundreds of wooden trout cutouts and round paper lanterns all sporting a fall leaf color scheme.

My lovely wife and I arrived close to 7:00 pm and immediately noticed the high level of testosterone in the room. These guys had their game faces on! After sampling the fine hors d’oeuvres catered by the Bluestone Grill we sauntered over to the bar sponsored by the Hancock Liquor Store. They had a particularly nice cabernet from Chile that was enjoyed by many in attendance.

Opening remarks were made by “Coz” Costolnick and Dan Plummer, event organizers and prominent members of FUDR. The honorable Assemblyman Clifford Crouch was the featured speaker. He talked about his history of addressing the needs and concerns of residents and visitors to the Delaware River watershed. He emphasized the work being done to mitigate flood events, to enhance the fishery and to restore several creeks in the Hancock area to their pre-flood productivity.

Following the speakers, the auction started in earnest. About half of the items available for the fundraising auction were offered by silent auction and the remaining items went via live auction presided over by Coz. Three particularly nice watercolors of Delaware River fly fishing scenes passed the $1,000 dollar mark very quickly. Unfortunately well beyond the bidding limits we had set for ourselves. Other auction items included; shadowboxed flies, handmade primitive fishing tools, fly rods, reels, matted and framed prints, and various other pieces of gear.

The dinner and auction served as a very enjoyable opener to the One Bug competition set for Saturday and Sunday. During the competition, 13 teams of two anglers and a guide are assigned beats on the Delaware’s main stem. Each angler must select one fly to be used during the day. If that fly is lost or destroyed, the competitive fishing ends for that angler for the remaining portion of the day. Flies may only be repaired through use of adhesive or sharpening of the hook. During each day only six fish can be selected by each angler for measurement. Points are awarded based upon the total length of each fish. A bonus of 100 points is awarded for retaining the original fly until the day’s end.

Good luck anglers and enjoy the finest trout fishery in the East, the great Delaware River.

Story by: Coach
Gourmand and International Man of Leisure

Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Bacon!

A healthy alternative...
choose the bacon salad bowl! A delicious healthy salad with a low calorie dressing is just what you need to stay light on your feet prior to this weekends foray to the local troutspots.
And no, you don't eat the bowl and throw out the salad.


Thursday, April 23, 2009

WB Hendricksons...

The Hendricksons, they are a poppin’ and the feeshes are a lookin’ up.
Yesterday, 04/22/09, afternoon saw the first real hatches start on the West Branch of the Delaware River. We are now seeing some good Hendrickson and caddis action to dry flies.
Right now the river is quite low, too low for drift boats, but fishing great for wading anglers.
A quick look at the Hale Eddy Gauge indicates a current water temperature of just over 42 degrees Fahrenheit and a discharge of 226 cubic feet per second. The weather this weekend looks like it will cooperate nicely for all of us fair weather fishermen, temps. in the mid. 70’s on Friday and temps. in the mid. 80’s for Saturday and Sunday. What’s that you say? You don’t know what flies to use? Find some that look like these refined beauties and you’ll do just fine.

Hendrickson CDC Emerger
Hendrickson Snowshoe Emerger
Hendrickson Comparadun
Hendrickson Standard

See you on the WB!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

We have wood!

Lumber that is...and actual framing, oooh...

and footers for the deck.
After all the delays associated with getting NYSEG to hook up the electric, it is very nice to see some progress.
Incidentally, the neigbor who agreed to sign the easement to allow us to connect to their electric pole has also offered the use of his boat launch across the street. SWEET!
Just doing my part to stimulate the economy.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

This how they rolled back in 1956

Johnny Dieckman casting for Abu Garcia demonstates the goods, old school.

Low tech. line, 8 1/2 foot FIBERGLASS rod, no-machining / no aluminum reel...

I wouldn't have thought it was possible?

YouTube Link:

Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Bacon!

Just hanging out here on Capt. Bacon Street, in the old town of Minions contemplatin' life and and all the goodness that hast been bestowed upon us.
Planning to brew up a delicious cup of bacon-maple flavored coffee in the morning to celebrate the special occasion... of winning this most lovely loving cup...
in a recent Bacon Art Show wit' this lovely and artful entry.
I won first place in the "Minimalist" category.
This post has been awarded the "Official" Bacon Seal of Approval.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

This Is Fly #16 at the newstand

This Is Fly new edition is now available for your reading pleasure.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Word has it...

that Hendricksons are seriously popping on the East Branch, it won't be long now with temps. in the low 60's and sunny for the remainder of the week. Anticipating a blanket hatch and rising snouts everywhere on the WB.

Everyone wants to be a Minion!

A brief search of the interspace revealed the following Minion regalia:
A Minion motivational poster,
an official Minion Beer clock for the den,
the official blade of Minions,
a Minion energy drink for when all the strenuous Minion tasks just wear you out,
and a plethora of Minion clothing to shout to the world loud and proud, "I am a Minion!"

This is what happens when there aren't any new posts to respond to snarkily and there is no good fly fishing news on the interspace.

Friday, April 10, 2009

2009 WBDR Shuttle Rates

When you need help to move this...
and this...

from here,...

to here, there is a solution.

Call Beth at Need A Shuttle; PH# 1-352-250-3773

2009 Rates:

Between Deposit and Buckingham Access: $30.00

To points south of Buckingham Access: $40 to $45 depending on mileage.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Once again, day ahead bacon...

I know, none of the Minions have I-phones, but Stew might get to see his significant other's once in a while.
In light of this convergence, I bring you the I-phone bacon case.

It is obviously made from some sort of non-bacon material, but it looks like bacon, so it qualifies for Friday Bacon adulation. Keeping your technology safe, with bacon!

Harrisburg Brewers Fest

Get'em while their hot!

Harrisburg Brewers Fest Tickets
On Sale NOW!
Join us!Harrisburg Brewers Fest 2009June 20,2009Locust & Third StsHarrisburg

Event Sponsors
Thank you for your previous support of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. We hope that you will join us again in 2009 for the Harrisburg Brewers Fest. Tickets are now available online. Purchase your tickets by clicking here.
Troegs Brewing Co. &Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Central Pennsylvania

Harrisburg Brewers Fest 09
Benefitting the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Central PA.
55 S. Progress AvenueHarrisburg, PA 171099:00AM-5:00PM

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Keeping the peace...

Following last years survey of Delaware River anglers for the purpose of determining whether drift boats should be allowed to float the river, there is obviously some room for improved relations between fisherfolk. I offer the following article for your consideration, for all of our benefit:

What is fishing etiquette?

Etiquette is simply following commonly held social conventions. Some of these social conventions or rules are well known, others, not so much. The intention of this article isn’t to create a formal written code, but rather to put some generally held ideas about good angling behavior in writing so that we can all have an enjoyable day on the river. First, consider these two questions; “How do I want to be treated?,” and “How does common sense apply?” Answering these two questions will cover just about all possible fishing situations and the answers can usually be easily applied to insure that everyone can have a pleasant and relaxing angling experience. Some guidelines for peaceful coexistence between anglers enjoying the Upper Delaware River system are shared below.

Boat Launching: Let’s start where boaters start, at the boat ramp. So you’ve decided to launch at the Norbord Pool and a crowd has gathered there at the “ramp.” Other drift boats, canoes, kayaks or pontoon boats will also be waiting to launch. There may also be other vehicles, tourists, anglers and commercial traffic in the area. To keep things moving along efficiently and without conflict it’s important that everyone respect their position in line and their time on the ramp. Rig and load your boat before you back down the “ramp.” If you are not ready and there are others waiting, it is respectful and polite to let them move ahead of you in the launch queue. Once you have launched your boat, quickly move it off to the side so that others can launch safely. When there is a current, the downstream side of the ramp is the more efficient choice, that way you won’t interfere with launching activities when you get underway. Remember to park well away from the “ramp” to avoid potential incidents and to ease access. When in doubt, ask for advice.

Passing Others: You are now underway and enjoying the best fishing East of the Mississippi. You are approaching a wading angler, and you must plan ahead for how to get past them while minimizing the disturbance you create. The best choice is to pass behind them. Avoid rowing while passing unless it is required to keep control of your boat. If the water is too shallow to float, quietly get out of the boat and, as quietly as possible, walk your boat behind them. Be a good sport and don’t fish the wader’s area as you pass, poaching on a wader’s spot will cause conflict that none of us need, and besides, you’ll be down river quickly and be able to start fishing again. When in doubt, the wading angler always has the right of way.

Occasionally there won’t be enough space to pass behind the other angler. There are several ways to resolve this troubling situation. First, you can hug the opposite bank if the river is wide enough to avoid the water he or she is fishing. Another option is to pass close to him or her on the center river side. Last option, get out and drag the boat behind him or her. Wading anglers can and often will step back toward the bank to let a boat through without disturbing the water they are fishing. When in doubt, and to maintain cordial relations, always ask the wading angler for their preference.

Downstream from the wading fisher you approach another boat. When the other boat is anchored, and its occupants are obviously fishing on one side, pass far on the other side. If you can’t tell, or aren’t sure, ask which side they prefer that you pass on. Always give as wide a berth as possible and avoid unnecessarily disturbing the area. The same rules apply when overtaking a drifting boat. This however, should be a very rare occurrence as respectful boaters do not race downriver passing others to get to the hotspots first. If the occupants are fishing to one side, pass on the opposite side, again giving as wide a berth as possible. When passing actively fishing boats, giving a wide berth, besides being considerate, will also keep you out of the way of their casting and prevent an accidental hooking. Remember that the vessel being overtaken always has the right of way. Again, when in doubt ask.

Don’t’ Cut In: It is very bad form to cut in front of an overtaken boat and poach their run. Continue down river a considerate distance, best case, all the way to the next pool or riffle, before you begin fishing. If you really want to fish the water occupied by a boat or a wading fisher, hold your boat back and wait for them to move on. Some other tips to help us all get along: Please don’t ever horn in on someone else’s fishing spot unless invited. It is usually best to not ask for permission. Everyone will have a better experience if you find an alternative area to fish.

Don’t anchor or fish within casting range of another angler. Since you don’t know how far they are capable of casting, a good assumption is more than 100 feet.
Don’t ever intentionally put down the fish, no matter how much they frustrated you, the next angler deserves a chance to be frustrated by them too.

The Upper Delaware contains spookier fish than most visitors normally encounter. Because of this it is common to fish a long downstream drift so that the target fish sees the fly first and not the leader or fly line. Anglers here normally progress downstream instead of upstream as we would expect elsewhere. If you have any doubts, a friendly conversation should easily sort it out.

Releasing Fish: Catch and release fishing is enforced downstream from the Rte. 17 overpass to the marker near Hale Eddy Bridge, but you should treat all the fish you catch with respect and limit your take as much as possible. Treating a fish with respect means: wetting your hands and net prior to handling the fish to protect its slime coating, not squeezing the fish, not toucking the fish’s gills, cutting the line close to the hook if the hook is embedded too deeply, and keeping the fish in the water as much as possible. You really don’t need to keep fish to demonstrate your skills as an angler, try taking a picture of your catch instead. These fish are way too much fun and too beautiful to only catch once.

Litter: The Upper Delaware is scenic and beautiful, let’s keep it that way. Local organizations spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars each year to keep the banks clean. Help them out by taking home everything that you carried in. Riverbank landowners are our hosts when fishing. Please show respect to landowner’s property. Don’t risk bank postings by leaving a mess. And yes, monofilament trimmings and cigarette butts are litter too. Do your part by picking up a few pieces of litter before you begin fishing, it is satisfying to contribute to the well being of this great resource.

Anchoring: When anchoring, drop anchor quietly, and when it’s time to move on, leave quietly. Be mindful of where you anchor. Fishing, getting a rest or a snack, are all acceptable reasons to anchor. When you do anchor, remember to select the right location. Be careful not to block prime water or a narrow channel which can make passing difficult for others.

Darkness: Unless you have significant experience on the river and have confidence in controlling your boat after dark, don’t stay out after dark. If you do feel safe boating after nightfall, make sure you have the required safety equipment with you, and yes, all boats have the same requirements. When retrieving your boat at night, avoid shining vehicle lights or any other lights upstream. This can temporarily blind other boaters and make safe navigation much more difficult.

Take Out: You’ve reached the Ball’s Eddy ramp to conclude your fishing adventure. While you are asking the other anglers how they did today, also ask about the order for boat retrieval. Wait your turn to take out and when it is your turn, be ready. Don’t dilly dally! Once your boat is on your trailer, pull it up and out of the way. Wait until you are out of the way to secure your tie down straps, take down your rods, pack up your garbage, take off your boots and etc. If you are waiting for your trailer to reach the ramp, encourage others to proceed ahead of you.

Usually using common sense and treating others like you’d like to be treated will result in a pleasant day of fishing. However, you will occasionally cross paths with curmudgeons and other miscreants, sometimes in waders and sometimes in another watercraft. When you do meet one of these people it doesn’t help to get excited or angry, it’ll only ruin your day. Don’t let them get you down. Remember, this is supposed to fun and relaxing.
Be safe out there!

By: Coach
Charter Member of Minion Flyfishing
International Man of Leisure

Polling All Minions

The good gentlemen at CVFF have decide to give Curly Good Friday off. You decide where he goes fishing. Should he hit up:

A. The Letort
B. Big Spring
C. The Yellow Breeches
D. The Barrel @ The Yellow Breeches
E. Clarks Creek
F. Stoney Creek
G. Stay home and drink Bacon Flavored Whiskey (See the Nov 14, 2008 post by Coach)
H. Other

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fishing Report for Spring Creek 04/04/09

The minions had answered the hail and Stu, Coach, Rich and myself decided to descend upon Spring Creek near the town of Bellefont. It was a cloudy windy day but alas, no Blue Winged Olives. After a few hours of fishing, we managed to land a few trout include the above two caught by Stu (Amazing camera work by yours truly!)

Bacon, it's not just for Minions...

Even the guys at Buster Wants To Fish are getting in on the act.

Hottest guide in B.C.

April Vokey's website:


You might remember this guy...

The infamous Mike Heck!

Request from the Minions faced with a two spot public access parking spot blocked by a pickup truck sporting an Orvis endorsed guide sticker, "Hey can you move your truck over a little so we can park here?"

Mr. Heck said, "Uhh, guys, I'm guiding here, there isn't a lot of room, and there's quite a few of you in the truck."

He's lucky we didn't succumb to our baser instincts to lay the smack down on him.

Well anyway, he's got a new book out.

Maybe we can get an autographed copy?

Monday, April 6, 2009

Madoff Logo...

I'd heard that Madoff, reinventor of the Ponzi scheme, had two sons who had purchased the Abel Reel Company. If so, then this new for 2009 reel graphic is just TOOO appropriate.
Arrggghhh, we've come for your booty!

Desperately Seeking Corporate Sponsor for...

Friends of the Upper Delaware "One Bug" event.

"It is the goal and mission statement of FUDR to continue to fight this battle and with supporters like yourself making this possible we would like to invite you to participate in the second annual "ONE BUG & Trade" fly fishing event. This three day event sponsored by FUDR celebrates the sport and camaraderie of fly fishing by bringing together flyfishers like you to take part in the fishing, good will and further support of this magnificent fishery. Last years 2008 event was a great success and we have earmarked a large portion of the proceeds to a much needed stream restoration project on a spawning tributary of the D. The headquarters for the "ONE BUG & Trade" event is the Capital Theatre and will be held on April 24, 25 & 26. This year's roster is limited to 14 teams. All 8 teams from last year are invited back and have signed up already. The remaining 6 slots are on a first come first serve basis. We will fill all 14 team spots! The proceeds from this event will be used to fight the ongoing battle for consistent cold water releases, habitat and stream improvements and the enhancement and protection of the Upper Delaware River's wild trout fishery."

"Team donation: Two person team $2200. Corporate Sponsor two person team $4000 (Corporate Sponsors also receives a full page ad in the event program, three complimentary tickets to the Friday evening Banquet and Auction, and a one year membership to FUDR.) Included in the event is the Friday night buffet and live auction, Saturday and Sunday guided fishing with breakfast, lunch and dinner."

"60 general admission tickets are also available to the public on a first come first serve basis for the Friday evening event that includes FOOD, OPEN BAR & LIVE AUCTION. This $100 ticket also includes a one year membership to FUDR."

"For information contact: Jim "Coz" Costolnick 607-760-2270 cell or Dan Plummer"

From the FUDR website @

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Preemptory Friday Bacon!

The awesomeness starts at about minute 1:30 on the incredible youtube find.

Oh, and it comes with a dipping sauce too, oh my!


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mmmm, Beer!

On the agenda this weekend, #1 Sat. morning messin' wit da trouts at the S.C. and #2 an evening of wondrous and fantastical beer tasting.

Here's the Sat. night Taming of the Brew highlights, (sorry, is all sold out.)

This event benefits the Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble.


• Abbey Wright Brewing Co.

• Appalachian Brewing Co.

• Bavarian Barbarian Brewin Co.

• Brewery Ommegang (Lovely trappist ale!)

• Copper Kettle Brewing

• Bullfrog Brewery (Williamsport's fine brew pub)

• Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

• Elk Creek Cafe + Aleworks

• Lancaster Brewing Co.

• Magic Hat Brewing Co. (Mmmm #9)

• Marzoni's Brick Oven and Brewing Co.

• Market Cross Pub and Brewery

• One Guy Brewing

• Otto's Pub and Brewery

• Sly Fox Brewhouse & Eatery

• Tröegs Brewing Co.

• Unibroue (Wonder if Ceasar will hook us up again this year?)

• Victory Brewing Co. (Mmmm Hop Devil)

• Woodchuck Draft Ciders (Can't possibly compete with Crazy Jim's)

• Old Forge Brewing Co.

• Southampton Publick House

• Turkey Hill Brew Pub (Is this minnit market or The Inn at...?)

Looking forward to another joyous evening!

A couple days chasin' steel...

This sign announces that you are in the Oak Orchard fishing access area, note the nice snow squall in the backgraound.

Dick, Steve, Dan & Lee invited me along for their annual spring steelhead trip to New York. It is a five day event for the regulars, but yours truly had to duck out on Wednesday to return for review of month end results at work.

Steve and Dan model one of the large steelhead fooled mostly with eggs and wooly buggers.

Steve with another fine steely.

Check out the whopper below!

Dick gets in on the action with a fine specimen.

Every member of the expedition landed at least one steelhead and all had the pleasure of releasing multiple world class suckers of both the standard and striped variety.
Heading back from the lake after scouting Keg Creek.

The view from the mouth of Keg Creek and the horizon over Lake Ontario.

Not to shabby at all.