Friday, April 30, 2010

Fish Somewhere Else, The W.B. has been invaded by NJ

The new access point across the river has led to a new phenomenon on this formerly uncrowded stretch, elbowtoelbowitis.  The only known cure, who knows, I mean I'd want to get out of NJ too...

We don't camp out on the best water in the Musconetcong, Raritan, Tom's River or even the Flatbrook.
Why you go and dis' me like this?

By the way, there are now confirmed reports of viral hemorrhagic fever being contracted by anglers cleaning the didymo from their wading boots after fishing here.

Penns Redux...

Some early March Brown action.

The dry was a hit with this fish.

The bugs were so thick you were breathing them...


Oops, I did it again!

Did you see any while you were under?  Oh, you got water in your wading boots, I thought they naturally got water in them when you wade?
Redeemed by a nice feesh!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I found this moderately humorous...

Mission 2010 - The Road To Coburn from South Branch Daddy on Vimeo.

What's Hatching You Ask?

Why Hendricksons, Blue Quills, Chimmara Caddis and Olives.

A lovely Hendrickson and a well groomed hand model show off at the Barking Dog Pool.

The Hendrickson dun which refused to "fly and be free" mostly due to warm hands as opposed to attraction to my manliness, poses on the old man skin next to my thumb.

Saturday and Sunday both had fish rising with abandon.  Today's cold weather, including snow, put things off somewhat.

HOHW @ The West Branch Resort

Though the weather kept the crowds away, the Come Hell or High Water event was a success in my book.
The rods tested include, Orvis Hydros, Winston BIIX and Scott S4.  The Hydros 9' for 5 wt. was quite nice.

If you click on the photo of the NEWP booth above you'll be able to more closely examine the snappy New England Wood Pellet banner hanging on the rear of the restaurant.

This photo shows our booth, pellet stove provided by Tall Pines Farm, in all of its green and renewable glory.
As is obvious from the disheveled appearance of the canopy, it was incredibly windy.

Our man Stew, doing his best Vanna White impression, asks for a vowel while displaying the New England Wood Pellet banner in the theater room just prior to the showing of The Fly Fishing Film Tour, the premier event at Hell or High Water.  Several high quality short films were viewed by the good sized audience.  My favorite of the evening was Metalheads.

All in all, the event fell slightly short of expectations due to the weather, including calls for an ark late Friday afternoon, but several stove sales were generated and the wood pellet fuel gospel was spread to many who stopped by to warm up on an unseasonably cool weekend at the "gateway to the Catskills."

Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Bear On Fishing Creek?

Bear hooked into a nice Brookie in a secret spot!!! The caddis were out last week but the Hendricksons were all but done before the season even started. When will the Fish Commission learn, SPECIAL REGULATIONS ON FISHING CREEK.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Big Stoneflies?

Who says you can only find giant stoneflies out West?
They've got nothing on the WB!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Feeling a little salty this evening?

Here's a nice little video that will make your eyes water..

Mosquito Lagoon Tailing Redfish from Nick Sassic on Vimeo.

Fly fishing for tailing redfish on the Mosquito Lagoon in Central Florida -45 minutes from the Orlando International Airport. A Beattie Outdoors Production video.

Monday, April 12, 2010

It was a fine Saturday!

Saturday morning...

near where this once was...

several of these lovelies were carefully seduced and released.

All of this prodigious goodness was given a chaser of even more awesomeness later that same evening.
The perrenially sold out, annual Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble's benefit, "Taming of the Brew."

Of special note this year;
Count them, TWO beer flavored ice creams
Crab & asparagus bisque
BJ's ribs
A fine smoked brisket
The Inn at Turkey Hill's "Rolling Fog" and dubbel
Stone Brewing's pale ale
Sly Fox Brewhouse's "Royal Weisse"
Otto's "Apricot Wheat"
Troeg's "Java Head Stout"
Elk Creek Aleworks' "Great Blue Heron Pale Ale"
Bullfrog Brewery's "Edgar IPA"
Old Forge Brewing's "Old Forge Alt"

Site of Saturday evening's festivities.

Everyone made it home safely and were able to enjoy these...

at Bloomin' Bagels.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Minion Associate @ The Orchard

And I quote, "Only steelhead bigger than 30" were picture worthy."
Well done fellows, well done.

Big grins all around!

Good Friday at Big Spring and the Letort

Since I had off on Friday I decided to make a trip to Big Spring and the Letort. I first went to Big Spring where I landed this nice 10-12" rainbow on a, you guessed it John-O, a Shenk's minnow. It can be quite deadly at Big Spring. I did not catch any fish on the Letort but I did have a player. I found one fish rising and made a play at him. I cast my x-caddis at him twice and then switched flies. I tied on a CDC caddis emerger, which I was sure was going to work. I then got into position and proceeded to line the fish with my first cast. That was it. It rare that you get a second chance at a fish on the Letort but mark my words I will catch a fish there.