Monday, June 24, 2013

Cicada Mania in PA?

After hearing rumors of the Broods being on Clark's Creek it was decided that this would be the second stop on our central PA excursion. To be blunt it was the proper decision.  After becoming much like two children on Christmas day when the Cicadas started bouncing off of the car we pulled into the fly fishing stretch's parking lot to hear the sweet song echoing down the creek bed. 
Take note of the below fly which I believe certain others may have busted my ass for purchasing.
Curli with the first fish brought to hand

One of massive quantities of fish whom could not resist the urge to feast.  
Take note of this fella's distended belly.
All this action however did not come with out a casualty. 
To cap off the stellar events of said day we celebrated with Moscow Mule's at the Paxtang Inn.

Curli and I are also pleased to announce that we will be taking reservations now for next year's 17 year Cicada hatch. 


Curly said...

Bear and I also learned a few key lessons. 1. Fish love the taste of cicadas. 2. It's gotta be hot.. 3. The best fly during the 17 year cicada hatch is a beetle.

Coach said...

Like children on Christmas day = giggling like school girls doesn't it?