Sunday, May 4, 2014

Memorial Weekend Menu

Going to start by making some assumptions:

Coach to bring - bacon, bread, coffee, Diet Coke, half & half, hamburgers, hot dogs, rolls, charcuterie, exotic cheeses, cold cuts, baked beans, water, assorted vegetables, Granola bars, condiments and propane.

Major to bring - breakfast casserole and Genny Light.

Stew to bring - eggs, cider and beer.

Curli to bring - Fat injected pork chops, pulled pork and cole slaw.

Johno to bring - Golden Monkey, Manhattans, boneless buffalo chicken wings and organic bacon.

Bear to bring - approximately 8 lbs. of tenderloin, sausage and bourbon.

What else do we need / are you willing to bring?


Coach said...


Curly said...

The pork chops are a maybe

Coach said...

The horror!