Saturday, March 30, 2013

Saturday Afternoon Bacon!

I know it's a poor substitute fro Friday Bacon!, but it will have to do...

Ran across some new products you may not be aware of, and I know how you guys like to stay current on the latest bacon technology.

So here's the new stuff:

A bacon motif casket!  (I wonder if it comes with a bacon air freshener?)

Bacon flavored mouthwash! (For when you're just not feeling fresh.)

Bacon motif condoms! (I found a photo of one of the actual condoms, but since this is a family friendly web site, demurred from posting it here.)

Aromatic bacon sunscreen! (I wonder how the smell blends with the more traditional coconut flavored sunscreen smell?)

And finally, bacon flavored soda!  (This looks to be a Michael Bloomberg nightmare, 16 ounces of sugary goodness plus 100% of the heart healthy cholesterol.)

Happy Saturday!

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