Friday, September 20, 2013

Fall Fest at The West Branch Resort

Fall is an exciting time in the fly fishing world. New gear is released for the upcoming season and Steelhead / lake run Brown Trout season is right around the corner. The debut of new products also means big discounts on discontinued products. Coming to the West Branch Resort on October 5th, daa, da, daaa, Fall Fest 2.0!  
Expect discounts of 20 - 50% off on products from Sage, Simms, Patagonia Orvis, Ross, Winston, Hardy and more. Out with the old in with the new!  The new 2014 Spring product lines from Simms, Patagonia and Orvis will also be available for viewing.  See the new gear for Spring here first!!!!

Other goodness:

Learn to Spey Cast for Free!! : Building off the concept of fly fishing 101/201 this is a unique oppourtunity to learn the basics of double handed casting for free! If you find that after the 101 class you would like to further the training we will be offering a 201 class for a small charge of $75.00. Registration is required to attend the 201 class you must all so register for 101. To register Spey 101 & 201 Registration
  • Spey 101: Saturday 10/5 9am
  • Spey 201: Saturday 10/5 1pm

John Miller Tying Demo: West Branch Angler's head guide John miller will spend some time showing off his favorite flies for fall steelhead. John's patterns are both innovative and effective this is something you don't want to miss!
  • Saturday 10/5 9am-4pm

Steelhead Alley Outfitters In The HouseThe boys from Steelhead Alley Outfitters will be in the house to talk to use about fishing the Lake Erie Tributaries for Steelhead as well as showing off some of there favorite patterns for fall.
  • Saturday 10/5 9am-4pm

Rich Strolis Tying Demo: Local legend Rich Strolis of Casting Shadows will on site tying a handful of his fall streamers for brown trout Including his new masked avenger streamer. Rich will also be tying some trailer hook swinger style streamers that can be used for steelhead as well and a few other patterns for fall. Rich is a streamer Jedi his flies are awesome you won't want to miss his tying demos!
  • Juggernaut JR
  • Ice Pick
  • Masked Avenger
  • BS Swinger
  • Mop Head

Scott Radian Test Cast: This rod has been a huge success.  We will have almost the entire line of the rod that has changed the way we all think of high end performance!
  • Saturday 10/5 9am-5pm

Helios 2 Switch Rod Test Cast: On site for all to cast will be the brand new Helios 2 switch rods. Bring a pair of gloves because these things are smoken hot!
  • Saturday 10/5 8am-5pm

Scientific Angler Line Trade In Promo: Your poor line has just taken a serious beating this season. From dragging in along the bank and catching it on every possible thing on your driftboat it's time to trade that line in. To help you our bring in your old line and we will give you 20% off a new in stock Scientific Angler Fly line.
  • Saturday 10/5 9am-5pm

Shop Talk BBQ: Sam will have a nice BBQ going with burgers, sausage and hot dogs. Relax grab a brew and a dog and cast your brains out.
  • Saturday 10/5 11am - 3pm

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As per standard operating procedure, Chateau Lewis will be open for Minio boarding.