Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Still Pool was very productive last night.

We had a tremendous flurry of caddis, sulphurs and March Brown spinners just before dark.
Every fish in the vicinity was up grazing on the surface.
Each fish was apparently making their own assessment of the proceedings as they seemed to each be feeding on different insects.
I discovered at dark that I was fishing without a fly, likely lost in a previous encounter, and yielded the few remaining risers to Stew who promptly hooked up with a PIG!
This brown had two well healed, parallel and blueish scars, seen above just above Stew's index and middle fingers. We imagined that they had been caused by a run-in with the talons of one of the hawks that frequent the area.

FYI for Curly, Stew walked home from there.

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