Monday, May 13, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

The Minions' 2013 Memorial Day festivities will again be held at Chateau Lewis along the West Branch of the Delaware River in Deposit, NY.  Significant others are as always, welcome.

Coach and his child bride will be on site beginning Thursday evening the 23rd through Tuesday morning the 28th.  Minions are welcome to visit and celebrate at any time during our stay.

Sleeping quarters and food selections can be debated in the comments for this post.

We look forward to seeing all of you!


Coach said...

Coach and Nori will be lodging in the master suite.
Supplied foodstuffs to include: baby potatoes, asparagus, queso dip, diet coke, adult beverages, snack like substances, and whatever else is needed following visiting Minion submissions.

Captain said...

Spouse and I will be in attendance and are claiming the 2nd floor quest suite. We will be arriving Friday evening and departing Monday.

We will supply a three course dinner (hors d’oeuvers, meal & dessert) to be enjoyed by all either Sat or Sun evening.

We will also be bringing an assortment of libations to include warm cans of Keystone Light and tap water.

Curly said...

Andi and I will be arriving Friday evening post dinner and claim the other upstairs bed room. I shall supply pulled pork, some homemade bacon, a case of tasty beverages, and any other items as requested.

Bear said...

I will sleep where ever I will bring a large portion of beef deliciousness a few sides finger food and a case of beer and bottle of some sorts that were full at time of purchase I the next week or so.