Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Memorial Weekend

Pick a meal or three and post what you are planning to bring.

Thursday - no lunch, dinner at WB resort
Friday- breakfast eggs, bacon & toast
             Lunch cold cut snadwiches
             Dinner hamburgers & hotdogs on grill
Saturday - breakfast casserole
                  Lunch cold cut snadwiches
                  Dinner WB Resort or heavy whoredoovers
Sunday - breakfast hash & eggs
                Lunch cold cut snadwiches
                Dinner kebobs & fondue
Monday - breakfast leftovers omelettes
                 Lunch leftover cold cuts
                 Dinner leftovers or WB Resort
Tuesday - breakfast at Butterfields
                 Lunch please go home already
                 Dinner why are you still here?

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Coach said...

March Browns is what it is!