Wednesday, January 4, 2017

NRS enters the Wader Game

NRS has long been a go to organization for all things personal watercraft related, e.g. kayaks, rafts, driftboats, catamarans and etc.

Now they are the latest entrant in the wader market with their Sidewinder Waders.

The description:
"Wear the versatile NRS Sidewinder Bibs as a fishing wader, or combine them with a dry top for complete cold-weather immersion protection. An adjustable waistband seals the top, and the waterproof relief zipper is a major upgrade over other dry bibs.
  • 4-layer Eclipse fabric has a proprietary waterproof-breathable barrier and Nanosphere® DWR finish that work together to lock water out while letting moisture escape.
  • The supple polyester microfiber shell allows frictionless movement with superior resistance to puncture and abrasion.
  • We designed the upper for maximum comfort under your PFD, and two side adjustments keep the fit snug to limit water entry.
  • Adjustable hook-and-loop overcuffs protect the Eclipse fabric socks.
  • 2" wide wishbone style suspenders stay in place whether you're seated in the boat or standing.
  • When combined with a double-skirted dry top or paddling jacket, the Sidewinder Bibs give you a versatile dry system comparable to a dry suit.
  • Cinch your inner tunnel in the 4" wide double-pull waist for a dry, waterproof seal.
  • Or, wear as a wader. Tighten the double-pull waist band to limit water entry.
  • TIZIP® MasterSeal relief zipper lets you answer nature's call without stripping off your life jacket and bibs.
  • An additional layer of Eclipse fabric on the seat and legs reinforces high-wear areas."
Lots of premium features with a price point seems to be targeting the mid-range of the market at: $449.95

A promotional video is also available:  

We'll have to wait and see what actual use reveals as to quality and durability, but with their reputation, I expect good things.

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