Saturday, May 30, 2015

Memorial Weekend Photo Dump

Flew the flag,

Minions assembled,

ate roasted garlic with goat cheese and

pulled pork nachos,

geared up,

hooked up the boat,
fished the river,

ate some more,
"Bring me chipwiches and boneless buffalo chicken wings damn it!  I'm on vacation!" 

went to the Penguin,

put up the BIG ladder and silenced the damned smoke alarm,  a sincere thank you for the help,

fished here,

broke out the kayaks,

saw the old mill ruins,

paddled with Jim,

and jammed out in the Defender.

Another successful and enjoyable weekend in which surprisingly few fish were manhandled, although several were quite large.  Oh, and Doc., sorry I didn't get your caddis fly back from your friend the big brown.  Honest!

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Coach said...

Like no one else has pics. to post? Send them to me & I'll get enough up..,