Wednesday, January 21, 2015

New Long Eddy Access

Some say yay, others nay

Hancock, NY — The plan for a much needed expansion of the Long Eddy access area to the Upper Delaware River is a hit with some folks.  Anglers and others have pitched in to the tune of $7,950 on crowd funding site Indiegogo to raise capital for the project. On November 20, the Sullivan County Legislature unanimously voted to award $5,000 to the project.

Over the past couple of years, county officials have been studying six river access points, and have come up with plans to upgrade or improve them. With this riverfront parcel coming onto the market about six months ago, with a willing seller who believes the sale will benefit the community, and with so many people in the county and state supporting the project, it seems likely that it will move forward and eventually the access will be expanded.
Pooh on the folks who want to keep it all to themselves.  Enjoy the new access point in your front yard, I know I do!

Improve the Long Eddy Access from Endless Echo on Vimeo.

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