Sunday, March 9, 2014

A limestone spring creek...

visit gets the funk off a few Minions with bad cases of the shack nasties.
On Saturday Minions went in search of these early season beauties,
and participated in various nymph and dry related netting events.
It also didn't hurt that the thermometer managed to squeak out 50 degrees of partial sunniness.
Here Stew models the latest in spunky rainbow trouts.
We rounded out the day's awesomeness with savory and delicious Texas Chilli Cheese Dogs from the locally notorious Mr. Hot Dog and More franchise.

Don't be jealous now...


Curly said...

How can I not be jealous? Olives and hotdogs!

Coach said...

Based upon weather conditions and a positive report from Stew and Bear's visit to said creek today, Saturday the 22nd may be a repeat performance.