Friday, July 26, 2013


Summerfest, Anglers Market & Jubilee  Weekend                                  August 3 & 4, 2013

Plan now for a fly fishing related weekend you won’t forget, the 30th Annual Summerfest.   This is the longest running event the Center has and the show continues to go on.  Every year it gets bigger and better.
The Anglers Market features over 100 tables of fly fishing and outdoors sports related equipment, collectibles, fly tying materials, old rods, reels, and everything else you cannot find anywhere else in a flea market setting on the lower field.  Vendors set up their tents and tables early in the morning and are ready to go by 8:30 AM. If you see it, buy it, as it is mostly one of a kind and if you turn your back, it will be gone. The Anglers Market runs Saturday from 8:30AM until  5:00PM   and Sunday from 9:00AM until 3:30PM.
Once again, we will host The Hardy Cup, a bamboo rod casting contest bringing in casters from our back yard to as far away as Japan. This exciting event consists of 3 competitive casts; two for distance and one for accuracy. You don’t have to be the best to enter. You’ll have a chance to win a  Hardy  flyreel. Don’t be intimidated, even the finest casters have lost many points on the cast…wind, collapsed lines, lost momentum and anything you can imagine on the stream. All it takes is a try and you have a chance to win.  For more details, visit the Hardy North America site at   On Saturday after casting is done, Hardy provides a Pig Roast barbeque, at no charge  for all present even those who did not compete. On Sunday after casting has been completed, all winners will be announced at 1 PM.
       Paint Out: New this year will be an arts crafts show and an art show. For those of you who need a family day out, bring the whole family. Those not interested in fishing can roam the field at their leisure and visit with some local crafters. You, on the other hand, will have the time to see all of the fishing items. We are also happy to announce the first outdoor art show in cooperation with Canvas, a monthly arts, culture and entertainment newspaper distributed in the greater Orange county area. Canvas has invited artists from all over for an open Paint Out and art show. Artists will be on site and have their art for sale. In addition, they will also do a Paint Out,  each artist creates a themed piece over the weekend. All paintings will be featured in an art show in the Wulff Gallery running from August 15 through October 18.  This will allow ample time for all Center visitors to have a look.
            Sunday, August 4, will be The Annual Jubilee Day to celebrate events and special occasions that end in three (3).  If you have a birthday, anniversary, or other special day ending in a three we will provide the cake at 1 PM.  Although Agnes Van Put’s birthday does not end in a three, she will be 97 and although neither her birthday or birth year ends with a three, we celebrate it anyway because she simply enjoys a party. 
            At 3 PM, in the Wulff Gallery, we will assemble to celebrate the life of ‘Doc’ Allan Fried.  Doc was very important to everyone’s life, community, and our organization. Join us for a farewell and celebration. 
            This weekend continues to grow. If you have never attended a Summerfest, start now and see what you have been missing.

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