Saturday, January 26, 2013

Jimmy Kimmel - Minion Candidate?

From "5 things you didn't know about Kimmel" as seen in Variety yesterday afternoon: 1. He's a cooking enthusiast and has a pizza oven and meat smoker at his home, regularly entertaining for 100-150 people, and is especially partial to Italian food. Kimmel makes a mean thin-crust prosciutto pizza with from scratch dough. 2. Like David Letterman, he's a fly fishing lover and enjoys traveling to Montana and Utah to partake in what he considers a very soothing, relaxing sport - so much so that he has a mock fly fishing pole in his office.


Anonymous said...

what are the other three things?

Coach said...

It's a human interest story on a fly fishing blog. What do you expect? Really didn't care about #1 either, but it got attached to #2 during the cut and paste process. Save the "who does number two work for" please. Looking forward to your posting and analysis of numbers 3 through 5, heh, heh, he said anal.