Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A December Fish?

Are there any willing parties whom would like to assist me in capping off my venture off catching a trout every month of 2012. I'm thinking spring creek on Sunday perhaps. Or maybe a venture to Erie whom is posting reports using  phrases such as "red hot" one weekend soon? Also on a side note I have 10 birds left at the preserve to have released (maybe some redemption for a poor showing)  so the dogs may do their thing.


Coach said...

At this juncture, Stew, Tiberius, Bear and myself are slated for a Sunday sortie on S.C. to fulfill the December fish to hand requirements. Arrival is expected to be in the 11:00 am'ish time frame. Usual location, park at the fishing mobility challenged ramp. Upstream early, downstream later. Bagel snadwiches procured per request.

stew said...

Here here.