Thursday, August 18, 2011

Boot Shopping

Chota Caney Fork Boot

Korkers Metalhead Boot

I am in the market for a new pair of boots and am finding it difficult to find a size 14+ boot. These are the two which I am leaning toward does anyone have any other suggestions or imput.


Coach said...

Suggest you talk to Stew about the newer model Chotas. I seem to recall that he had some issues with keeping the studs in them.

Coach said...

Found these at MRFC:
Weinbrenner Ultimate Boots w/Spiked Felt Soles
Discontinued and Available at BLOW-OUT Prices! The end of an era for this iconic wading boot. Weinbrenner Ultimate shoes (Borger Boots) offer good support and rock protection and features Korker carbide tipped studs embedded in the feltsole for unsurpaseed traction on slippery rocks and the studs greatly increase the life of the feltsole. Limited sizes and quantities. Please specify size.
Sale Price: $79.95
Size 14 available!

Coach said...

These Cabelas boots are eerily similar to the Chota model you referenced for only $89.99
Cabela's Gold Medal Wading Boots
•Wading boots that double as hikers
•Removable EVA insoles and 1/4"-EVA footbed liners
•Hard-rubber cleat receptacles
•Microscreen drains rapidly release water
•Waterproof, full-grain nubuck uppers
Extend your footwear options to accommodate a range of ground surfaces without having to invest in multiple pairs of wading boots. The hard-rubber cleat receptacles are compatible with both steel and carbide tipped cleats to double your ground-gripping options. EVA insoles and 1/4"-EVA footbed liners remove to make room for stockingfoot waders, or leave them in place for an added layer of warmth while feet are submerged in a cool stream. Dual-density rubber outsoles provide traction over a wide range of wading and trail conditions. Microscreen drains rapidly release water, while simultaneously blocking unwanted pebbles and sand from entering. Waterproof, full-grain nubuck uppers. Imported.
Men’s whole sizes: 8-14.
Color: Brown.

Bear said...

I was trying to stray away from the felts i have a pair of the cabelas boots in felt now and they are quite comfortable and durible. I did not have such good luck with the korckers i had with the interchangeable souls but i see they have revamped them and they were a lower end boot. Also now that you bring it up i do recall tom not being able to keep studs in the boots. Perhaps the cabelas boots may be the best choice. Thank you for your imput sir and i have more research to do i will keep you posted on the outcome of this situation.

stew said...

Bear I would not get the Chotas. The studs fall out and the rubber bottom sucks on rocks. They are a good boot for the Delaware but not for a place like Pulaski. I am looking for a new pair of studded boots myself. You should look at simms boots or patagonia.

Steve B said...

I have a pair of simms with rubber soles for the last 5 years. Had no trouble with them. Studs stay in have fished from NY to Montana with them and no issues. Where them all day. Lee has them at Fishing Creek Angler.

wetflytier said...

i use simms for the last 6 or 7 years comfortable all day wear is excellent.

Anonymous said...


i am going back to simms. owned a pair of freestone's in the late 90's early 2000's and they were great. just checked out the updated freestones for $129 plus cleats and i think they are the way to go. if only they came with blue laces.