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SBR Hendrickson Nymph

SBR Hendrickson Nymph from Tightline Productions~T. Flagler on Vimeo.

Brought to you by Tim Flagler at Tightline Productions

Hold Up There Chach

Kind of reminds me of someone...

Redington: IN THE LOOP: The Approach from Redingtongear on Vimeo.

Brought to you by our friends at Redington.

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Hendo Hammer

Tie 'em up boys!

Hendo Hammer from Tightline Productions~T. Flagler on Vimeo.

Utah's Green River with...

Spinner Fall Guide Service.

HIGH and DRY from Scott Barrus on Vimeo.

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Another winner from Capefish...

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

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Fly Fishing on a Budget

We all know that fly fishing can be quite expensive, but we are going to try to show you how to acquire beginner equipment on a limited budget.
First, fly rod, reel and line:  We recommend a package setup for beginners.  Redington offers a very nice combo outfit for less than $140.00: Redington Crosswater Combo Outfit The Crosswater is an easy casting, medium/fast action graphite rod, which is ideal for the beginning angler.  We recommend the 4 pc. model in 5 weight model/s flexibility for the angler on the go.

Second, terminal tackle: You'll need leaders, tippet and flies to complete your outfit.  We recommend RIO leaders / tippet and whatever flies your local fly shop recommends.  A 3-pack of 4X 7.5 foot leaders and a spool of 5X tippet will get you off to a great start.: RIO LeadersRIO Tippet. Expect to spend about $15 for leaders and $7 for tippet.
Flies should be purchased at a local shop near the watershed you intend to fish.  Expect flies to cost ~$2.00 each.  Purchase 2 or 3 of each fly recommended.  You should expect to spend about $30 on flies for your first trip.

Third, waders: You'll need these for getting close to your quarry in cold water rivers and creeks.  Redington also offers budget minder waders in the Crosswater offering:  Redington Crosswater Waders for ~$120.00. Boots to go with your chest high waders can include another Redington product: PALIX RIVER BOOTS  for ~$90.00

This will get you started for about $372.00. You could go with less expensive labels, but you'd likely be looking for upgrades rather quickly.

Other items you'll likely want can also be obtained in a combo package: Cabelas Streamside Tool Kit Net Combo for ~$35

Happy Angling!